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Phone + 3G? What`s this?
Thursday, July 13, 2006
Nowadays, 3G technology has become part of our life no matter with-in your handphone or laptop. Lets see the fact ( 3gtoday.com ).

- over 324 million 3G subscriber all around the world
- over 200 commercial 3G operators
- 41 vendors with 194 3G device launched in the last 12 month

3G wireless services enable consumers and professionals to experience excellent voice quality as well as a wide array of compelling data services, including:

  • Mobile Internet connectivity
  • Mobile email
  • Multimedia services, such as digital photos and movies taken by and shared via wireless handsets
  • Wireless application downloading
  • Video-on-demand and short-format Clipcast™ content
  • Real-time multiplayer gaming
  • Enhanced emergency and location-based services
  • Low-latency push-to-talk and push-to-video message services

For consumers, 3G quite simply means a more rewarding wireless experience—high-quality, low-cost voice, and fun and useful data services whenever they want them, whenever they need them and wherever they have mobile phone service.

Enterprises can leverage 3G’s advanced data capabilities to gain critical competitive advantages such as increased productivity, streamlined processes, improved customer service and enhanced communications. Workforces can essentially work from anywhere at anytime.

3G technology also benefits the other participants in the wireless value chain. Wireless network operators are able to capitalize on increased voice capacity, greater network efficiency, lower costs per user served, increased ARPU (average revenue per user) and greater service differentiation. Device manufacturers can leverage the enhanced capabilities of 3G networks to sell premium wireless devices in volume. Finally, 3G technology’s data capabilities open up an enormous world of opportunity for application developers and content providers.

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Cell phone built-in with GPS
Do you remember the days when a cell phone was just a cell phone? You pulled it out of your pocket to make a call and that was about it. Now your cell phone can take pictures, send text messages, play music, become your personal organizer, play games, and even function as your GPS.

I’m not talking about the GPS chip embedded into all current cell phones. That GPS is only present to help emergency crews locate you in the event of an emergency (the same way that your landline will give away your location). I’m talking about new Smart Phones that actually integrate with new GPS devices, allowing you to receive voice guided driving directions, trip planning, toll road avoidance, on the fly off-course rerouting, and now even real time-traffic information that will allow you to reroute to avoid heavy congestion. And for the cell phone purist, these new phones can even make and receive phone calls!

And just like other new GPS systems you’ll have access to a huge database with points of interest. Need to know the nearest gas station? No problem. You can also find the nearest restaurant, movie theatre, and even a parking garage – which is especially helpful if you’re in an unfamiliar city. And if you happen to be somewhere where you don’t have a detailed map – no problem – this isn’t just a GPS unit, it’s a Smart Phone so you can download the map you need. The new SmartPhone GPS devices can easily replace your in-car navigation system.

Probably the most widely used device for making your Smart Phone an advanced GPS is the TomTom Mobile 5 http://www.gpsmaestro.com/tomtom/tomtommobile5). It’s currently only available for a limited number of Smart Phones (check TomTom’s site for a list of supported phones). But for the phones it works with you’ll get an impressive list of features and you’ll even be able to change the voice of the navigator to something more entertaining (Darth Vader, anyone?). If you happen to live in the UK, you can also get access to real time safety camera information.

This is, of course, just the next step in the ever evolving cell phone. Soon new cell phones will have GPS navigation technology built in and probably more features you’ve never even thought to ask for.

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Still confusing with the plan?
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Choosing a cell phone plan can be exciting or confusing. The reason is so many options are available and each one is claimed to be the best option. There may be several options available to you but the best option should be one that fits your lifestyle and needs.

There are two major ways to choose a cell phone plan : By considering prepaid or post paid plans, and frequency and area of coverage.

A prepaid service may be suitable for someone who does not use the phone everyday or regularly as the credit ca be extended over a long period of time. Why pay a fixed amount each month for a service you may be using once a while? A prepaid service will not require rigorous background checks like credit checks. So if you have a poor credit rating, this is your obvious choice as credit approval is a requirement for connection to this service. If you are uncertain about future income, prepaid is ideal as there are no monthly service charges to be honored.

Additionally, prepaid does not involve bills and a highly mobile person will find the post paid and its resultant bills uncomfortable as he keeps moving away from his permanent address. If you are allergic to paperwork and contracts, stick to post paid as post paid demands contact, documents and a lot of administrative work. Prepaid is also ideal for people who need to conceal their identity as there is no way you can be identified with a prepaid service.

One great disadvantage of prepaid is that a lot of features are not available to you.

With regards to coverage and frequency of use factors, where you intend to use the phone and how often you use the phone will determine which service to go for. If you travel a lot, then you will have to go for one that allows you to roam whilst still maintaining your cell number. If the company does not cover your area of business, then it may not be worth going forth. Again some carriers charge according to the geographical area you would be making the call from so it is prudent to subscribe to the service that will cover your area..

On the other hand, if you will remain home for most of the time, then you may have to choose a local service plan as a wider geographical area will cost you more unnecessarily.

You may need to ask yourself “Am I going to use the phone for emergencies, occasionally or for business?” A business phone needs a service that is cheap and highly flexible so you can be able to run your business with great ease and least cost.

Your phone plan is a reflection of your needs and profile. Moderate users should choose the least expensive option to save money and advanced users should opt for enhanced features which come at a greater cost but essentially serve their needs.

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Choosing a Cell Phone Plan
Monday, July 10, 2006

If Alexander Graham Bell were alive today he would be amazed. It wasn't that long ago when he made the first telephone call to his assistant from another room in his laboratory. At the time they had been working on a device to help deaf people hear. Bell patented the telephone in 1876. Now, 130 years later, people are walking around with tiny but powerful computers held to their years. These wireless devices can be used to browse the Internet, play games, text message, manage schedules… and even to use a telephone!

Question: I am looking to buy a phone but I don't know which plan to get

There are many plans available if you would like to buy cell phone. The best way to figure it which plan is right for you is to buy a pre-paid phone before you make a decision and commit to any long-term plans offered by cell phone companies. The prepaid plan lets you put a certain amount of money toward telephone usage and you can use your cell phone for as long as you have money available.

This is a great first option because many people who are first looking into getting a cell phone are not sure about when they would typically use it. Having a prepaid phone lets you sample your usage and get a good idea about the times of the day and the days of the week you make calls on your cell phone.

For the first month or so that you have a prepaid plan, you'll want to keep an eye on these four things, which will help you determine which cell phone plan you'll eventually want:

- What time of the day to you make most of your calls?
- How long do your phone calls last?
- What days of the week do you make most of your calls?
- Are they local or long distance calls?
- Where do you use the phone most often? (for example, if you travel or just around town)

Once you have used up your prepaid amounts, you'll probably have a good idea about your calling profile and this will help you accurately select a play. Having a cell phone is a highly convenient tool to stay in touch. Having information to make a wise purchase will help you get a cell phone and a cell phone plan that provides the best value to you.

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Choosing a Cell Phone

Considering the innumerable varieties of cell phones in the market, it is quite a challenging task to choose the best one. However, the basic criterion of selecting the best cell phone is to be absolutely clear about what your needs are. The best cellular phone is the one that is absolutely right for you. And, of course, you can only have the best cellular phone when you pay for what you want.

Tons of offers are also available. There are free cellular telephone offers, prepaid cellular, digital, mobile, web enabled, gprs, 3G, camera, mp3 and many more. No one can tell you which cell phone is best for you because every one has different needs when it comes to their cellular telephone. Some people want absolutely basic features while others want a lot of totally fantastic features. Some need a cellular telephone for e-mail, faxing, music, watch telecast and surfing the Internet. Many people want it to be top of the line while others prefer simplicity.

The process of buying a cell phone is so confusing. There are simply so many different handsets, networks, deals and call costs to consider that buying the right phone for your usage and budget can be very difficult.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best cell phone. First of all, decide how much you want to spend and be clear on the features you need. Remember that the more the features, the higher the cost.

Purchase a battery with a decent battery life and judge the mobile phone by the talk time it gives. The bare minimum should be 2 hours of maximum talk-time plus 90 hours of maximum standby time.

Shop and compare for pricing and service. These days, quality phones are very cheap. There is a proliferation of cell phone makers including Nokia, Motorola, Ericson, Siemens, Samsung, Sony, etc. More importantly, cellular plans have come down enormously in overall price with some caveats.

Some standard features include caller ID, phone book with fast dial, call waiting, voice mail, SMS, games and auto-answering. Some also have other added features like your first incoming minute free. The high-end cell phones will have voice-activated dialing, 2-way paging, scheduling calendars, digital organizer, camera, mp3 and many more with current technology. The main thing is to see what fits into your life style best and also to be sure when and if the features expire.

While making a cell phone and service plan decision, remember that everybody's needs are different. So what's good for your friend may not be the best choice for you. Your best bet would be to search online for websites with good cell phone comparisons in order to get a quality cell phone offer.

To make sure that your cell phone comparisons are complete look at Nokia cell phones, Ericsson cell phones, Sprint cell phones, Motorola cell phones and Samsung cell phones. Research the different free cell phone offers, prepaid cell phones and service plans.

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