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Phone + 3G? What`s this?
Thursday, July 13, 2006
Nowadays, 3G technology has become part of our life no matter with-in your handphone or laptop. Lets see the fact ( 3gtoday.com ).

- over 324 million 3G subscriber all around the world
- over 200 commercial 3G operators
- 41 vendors with 194 3G device launched in the last 12 month

3G wireless services enable consumers and professionals to experience excellent voice quality as well as a wide array of compelling data services, including:

  • Mobile Internet connectivity
  • Mobile email
  • Multimedia services, such as digital photos and movies taken by and shared via wireless handsets
  • Wireless application downloading
  • Video-on-demand and short-format Clipcast™ content
  • Real-time multiplayer gaming
  • Enhanced emergency and location-based services
  • Low-latency push-to-talk and push-to-video message services

For consumers, 3G quite simply means a more rewarding wireless experience—high-quality, low-cost voice, and fun and useful data services whenever they want them, whenever they need them and wherever they have mobile phone service.

Enterprises can leverage 3G’s advanced data capabilities to gain critical competitive advantages such as increased productivity, streamlined processes, improved customer service and enhanced communications. Workforces can essentially work from anywhere at anytime.

3G technology also benefits the other participants in the wireless value chain. Wireless network operators are able to capitalize on increased voice capacity, greater network efficiency, lower costs per user served, increased ARPU (average revenue per user) and greater service differentiation. Device manufacturers can leverage the enhanced capabilities of 3G networks to sell premium wireless devices in volume. Finally, 3G technology’s data capabilities open up an enormous world of opportunity for application developers and content providers.

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